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STI Clinics Coimbra

Sexual Health Testing in Coimbra

We are pleased to our award-winning sexual health testing services at our Coimbra sexual health clinic. Our private clinics are accessible throughout Coimbra, and booking your appointment is easy and convenient. Whatever your concerns may be, we can assist you in accessing a test and clinic that will suit your needs.

At your STI test appointment you will be seen by one of our friendly clinicians who will take your samples and send them to our laboratory for fast and accurate analysis. As soon as all your results are ready, we will post them in your secure online patient area. If you do test positive, we will help you to see a doctor for treatment.

STI and HIV testing in Coimbra

If you live in Coimbra and think you might have contracted an STI, you can get a comprehensive STI screening with Better2Know’s Full STI Screen. The Full STI Screen was created by our team of medical experts to test for seven of the most common STIs in Portugal. These are:

  • HIV I/II (with p24 antigen)
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Syphilis
  • Hepatitis B
  • Ureaplasma
  • Mycoplasma

To conduct this test, a sample of blood and urine is required. You will get your results back as soon as they come from the laboratory.

If you are diagnosed with an STI, your Better2Know doctor can assist you in obtaining the appropriate medication and care. Many STIs can be cured with the correct medication, while others can be effectively managed with treatment.

Results for your Coimbra STI tests are available when you need them

You can view your test results in your secure online Patient Area. If you get a positive result, you can use our Partner Notification System to confidentially inform your sexual partners about your diagnosis so that they can get tested as well.

Speak to a Better2Know doctor

In case you test positive for a sexually transmitted infection, we can arrange for you to speak to a Better2Know doctor. They can help you with the next steps and any medication you may need. During this potentially challenging period, Better2Know will be with you every step of the way.

Book your HIV tests and STI tests in Coimbra now

If you are unsure which test, screen, or clinic to choose, or just want to speak to a real person, please call the number above to speak with one of our Sexual Health Advisors.

You can also book online by clicking on Book Now.