What are STIs?

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are infections that are passed on through sexual contact including vaginal, penile, anal or oral sex. STIs can be a consequence of not using protection, condom damage, or through sharing personal items like needles (for recreational drug use), razors or toothbrushes. Some STIs can be transferred from mother to baby either during pregnancy or childbirth.

Many STIs are curable, whilst others can be managed and contained if diagnosed and treated early enough. Most infections can develop into serious health complications if left undetected, therefore it is important to get tested regularly to maintain your personal health.

STI Infections

Better2Know provides private and confidential sexual health testing for a wide variety of STIs. These include:

STI Screens

It is important to keep on top of your sexual health to prevent long-term health problems developing. So, whether you have had a one-off encounter, have met someone new, or are simply unsure about your sexual health status, it is important that you get yourself tested as soon as possible.

As well as individual testing, Better2Know also provides an assortment of confidential STI screens to detect a combination of harmful infections such as:


STI Symptoms

Many sexually transmitted infections show little or no signs of infection in the initial stages. Unfortunately, some people do not realise they are infected until more serious health problems develop. When present, general symptoms can include:

  • Painful urination
  • Unusual discharge
  • Itching or general discomfort in the genital area
  • Blemishes, lesions, rashes, ulcers, warts or spots
  • Pain during or after intercourse or ejaculation
  • Blood present in urine
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Swelling in the testes or vulva.

STI Incubation Periods

Many of Better2Know’s diagnostic tests and screens require a minimum period of incubation. This is the length of time between potential exposure to an infection and when the test will accurately be able to detect it. Incubation periods alternate depending on the STIs being tested for.

Test Accuracy

With Better2Know, all analysis and pathology is performed in a fully certified, European laboratory. No STI test is 100% accurate but, as mentioned above, each of Better2Know’s confidential tests and screens stipulates a minimum period of incubation, ensuring the highest possible levels of accuracy.

Testing positive

If you test positive for any infection, Better2Know can arrange a private consultation with one of our many experienced doctors in Europe. They will discuss your diagnosis and, depending on the infection you have tested positive for, provide you with a prescription for the required treatment. We will also refer you to a specialist service, if necessary.

Book your STI test now

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