What samples can be used?


How long until I get my results?

7 working days from your sample’s arrival at our certified laboratory

Where is my nearest private clinic?

How soon after a sexual encounter can I get tested?

No incubation period necessary

Which Better2Know screens include HPV testing?


What is HPV?

The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) has over 100 different types and is one of the most common STIs in Europe. Around 40 types of HPV are sexually transmitted, with 14 variations of the virus considered high-risk.

HPV is recognised as one of the main causes of Cervical Cancer and is also linked to other cancers that can affect both men and women.

HPV can be acquired through sexual contact or the exchange of fluids, through vaginal, penile, oral or anal interaction.

What are the symptoms of HPV?


Changes in skin and moist membranes lining the body – anus, mouth or throat

Raised bumps or cauliflower shaped growths on the shaft, head or base of penis

Small pink spots around the genital or rectal area


Changes to the cells lining the cervix

Abnormal tissue growth

Genital warts can appear as small growths in or around the vaginal or anal area


What happens if I do not get tested and treated?


You may be at risk of various types of cancers

If you carry the infection, you are likely to transmit HPV to a sexual partner


Risk of Cervical Cancer or other types of cancers

Genital Warts may be passed on to your child during birth, potentially developing into warts in the throat (Laryngeal Papillomatosis)

How is HPV treated?

If you test positive for HPV, even if it is a high-risk type, it does not mean that you will go on to develop Cervical Cancer. If you have HPV, you will be referred to a specialist who will be able to recommend follow up tests and advise you on the most appropriate treatment for your type of HPV.

If you have a confirmed Genital Wart, this can be removed (usually through cryotherapy, which involves freezing the infected cells). There are also creams that can be prescribed to help remove warts, reduce their symptoms and even prevent their reoccurrence.


What else should I get tested for?

Better2Know promotes regular and thorough STI testing, as this is the only way to be certain of your sexual health status. If you are concerned about a particular STI or are simply unsure about your sexual health, Better2Know suggests either the Full Screen or the Platinum Screen, both of which provide comprehensive testing for a wide range of harmful infections.

How can I book my test?

To arrange your private appointment with Better2Know today, please call our experienced Patient Services team on the number displayed at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can book online by clicking the Book Now button and following the instructions.