Which sexually transmitted infections does the Early Detection Screen test for?

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C


How soon after a sexual encounter can I get tested?

Available at our clinics across Europe, Better2Know’s Early Detection Screen is the earliest accredited test for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. The screen is appropriate just 10 days after the incident you are concerned about. This means that you can receive testing for HIV, and the two most common types of Hepatitis, less than a fortnight after any potential exposure.

Which samples does the Early Detection Screen require?

A highly accurate test, the Early Detection Screen requires a single blood sample to detect all three infections. It has been designed and reviewed by a panel of sexual health specialists to ensure fast and efficient STI test results.

What happens at my appointment?

Your appointment will be with a nurse or clinician who will collect your sample swiftly and efficiently. Once the blood sample has been collected, it will be sent to our highly accredited laboratory to be analysed.

When will my confidential results be available?

The results of each infection are reported online as soon as they are ready, which is usually within three working days of the sample’s arrival at our laboratory.


How will my results be reported?

As soon as all your results are back from the laboratory, you will be contacted by a member of our sexual health advisory team. They will call you to discuss your results, unless you would prefer to contact us instead. In the meantime, as detailed above, you can access your results online as they come in via the secure patient log in area of our website.

What if my screen is reactive?

With a network of skilled doctors situated throughout Europe, we can arrange expert consultations either before your test or following your results. In the event of a positive result, Better2Know will run additional, confirmatory testing at no extra cost, and if necessary, we will also refer you to a specialist service.

How can I book an Early Detection Screen?

To book your Early Detection Screen today, call our experienced Patient Services team on the telephone number above. Our welcoming members of staff will answer your questions and process your booking. Alternatively, you can arrange your appointment online by selecting the Book Now button.