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STI Clinics Valença

Sexual Health Testing in Valença

Better2Know has a quiet and convenient sexual health testing clinic to cover all of your needs nestled within the historic walls of the small city of Valença.

Better2Know is a leading provider of private STI testing services worldwide reaching the smallest of cities and towns. Known for anonymous testing, fast results turnaround times and round the clock technical advice and services, your local Better2Know sexual health clinic in Valença is here to help you.

Our clinics in and around Valença:

Appointment availability at your Better2Know STI clinic

Life in the city of Valença is sure to keep you busy, that is why your Better2Know sexual health testing appointment can easily slot into your schedule at a time that suits you. Early mornings, late evenings, even weekends. We are at your service. Finding a time that works best for you could not be easier with the help and flexibility of your Better2Know STI clinic.

Why your local Better2Know STI clinic in Valença is right for you

Your Better2Know sexual health clinic offers a vast range of sexual health tests and screens, alongside 24/7 on call advise, flexible and completely anonymous bookings and appointments, fast turnaround for results and a team of specialist doctors and nurses ready to help you through your tests.

Our team of highly trained professional sexual health advisors are only a phone call away at any time, night, or day. They are here for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer any question or worry that you might have about booking your test or your upcoming appointment.

With the option of complete anonymity, Better2Knows Valença STI clinic does not need to know your true details to complete your tests. At Better2Know, we recognise that you may be concerned about the necessity of an STI test. Do not worry, you are not the only one and we are here to put you at ease, gently helping you through the process. If it gives you more peace of mind to stay anonymous, that is ok with us. We are here to help you no matter what.

The Better2Know sexual health clinic laboratories are highly efficient and produce some of the fastest results in Europe. Ensuring that your results are sent to your local Valença STI clinic as soon as they are in, there is no extensive waiting period and you could have your results in a matter of days.

Your doctor or nurse is a specialist in their field and they will help to guide you through your tests on the day of your appointment. After welcoming you to your Better2Know sexual health clinic in Valença, they will ensure your comfort in the discreet consultation room, while explaining everything that will happen they are also there to answer any questions you might have while you are there.

Do you still need help booking your sexual health appointment?

If you are unsure of what test or screen to book or if you are struggling to book your appointment online, our team of STI advisors are ready to help you.

We know STIs are confusing, and our list of tests and screens is extensive, but we also know that we have the right test or screen for all of our patients. Many Better2Know STI clinic patients decide to use our more complete screens as these can identify the presence of the most common STIs as well as some of the more uncommon ones. These screens are perfect for anyone who is looking for complete peace of mind regarding their sexual health.

If you have a good idea of what you need to test for, we also offer individual tests for common STIs. You can easily book individual tests for infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes, hepatitis and HIV, alternatively you can book a combination of these individual tests to create your own specific screen.

Do not be worried if you receive a positive test result. The Better2Know sexual health team of advisors are ready to help you onto the next step of your sexual health pathway. Our compassionate team will be able to explain your results to you and book your ongoing consultation and treatment. We know that receiving a positive result can be upsetting which is why we can also introduce you to one of our lovely counsellors if you feel you need additional support.

Your Better2Know sexual health team in Valença will be by your side throughout your entire testing journey. We want to be sure that you are given the best service and support until you are back to full health.

Speak to one of your local expert sexual health advisors now

You can speak to one of our highly trained sexual health advisors now to find out more about starting your journey to complete control of your sexual health. Call us now using the number above. We are looking forward to helping you.